Development in the Dallas and Fort Worth Area


With Benchmark Design Group on your side, we'll help you define your objectives and goals without the worry. We can analyze any and all critical issues to help you determine the feasibility of your project in order to help you reach the fullest potential for your development. Our goal is to alleviate your project specific concerns by helping you outline your path to development approval. The bulk of our due diligence services include:

  • Subdivision and different required plats includes easement drawings and outlines. boundary and topographic survey.
  • Utility availability letters.
  • Site improvement suggestions.
  • Development process/project schedule.
  • Creation of a timeline and schedule of events, which are critical to the development process.
  • Floodplain and wetland letters.
  • Geotechnical reviews.
  • Environmental site exams consist of section I, II, III, Asbestos, T&T species, Archeological, Historical, and so on.
  • Environmental remediation wetlands assessment reviews.
  • Initial site plan layout.
  • Zoning letter and regulatory verification.
  • Initial opinion of likely price.


Benchmark's dedicated engineering team is well-versed in the design, production, preservation, and improvement of public infrastructure. We understand the incredible impact that quality infrastructure can have on the everyday lives of people everywhere. Therefore, we are committed to demonstrating our values of integrity, quality service, and constant improvement to reach and exceed the expectations of each and every community we affect. Whether it's water, wastewater, sewer, paving, or drainage infrastructure, we ensure creative and economically intelligent solutions for the public infrastructure.


We understand the potential obstacles in the way of developing land. That's why we put a primary focus on identifying solutions early on in every project. We work together with elected officials and municipal agencies to gather data, and then use that information to achieve approval for building plans and construction permits for improvement projects.


Benchmark Design Group addresses today's challenge through a suite of services related to the planning, design, and construction of hydraulics and hydrology projects. Our specialists perform the research needed to investigate capacity flooding issues, and then design facilities that sustainably and effectively relieve future flooding. Our water resource engineering services include but are not limited to:

  • Water resources planning and engineering.
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies.
  • Flood control design.
  • Storm drainage design.
  • Detention/retention basin design.
  • Bridge scour studies.
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SW3P).
  • Erosion control systems.
  • Master drainage planning.
  • Flood insurance studies.
  • Map revision requests.
  • Watershed impact studies.


Benchmark provides our clients with civil site layout services for projects of all shapes and sizes. We tailor every service to your specific needs, taking your project from concept to completion. We've worked on a range of projects including:

  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Colleges
  • Retail centers and developments
  • Subdivision and real estate development platting

Whether you have a small property or a huge region to improve or redevelop, we'll help you achieve your goals, whatever the scale. 


Our company has handled surveying, mapping, civil engineering services, and more for the transportation market. We've completed designs for roadway rehabilitation like widening and reconstruction projects for both private and public clients. Our engineering services have enhanced surface transportation structures connected to nearby roads and small streets, as well as major highways through both rural and city settings.


Benchmark Design Group recognizes the critical importance of utility adjustments for both public and private providers. Our mutual relationships with utility providers have produced years of fruitful experiences in coordination and relocation design, as well as subsurface utility engineering. These continued relationships help to improve our coordination efforts and shrink relocation and adjustment schedules. 


Benchmark Design group provides a wide variety of services during the construction of new projects as well as the rehabilitation of existing facilities. Our staff has years of stories of success in construction management, ranging from small sewer and drainage projects to complicated bridge and roadway projects. We've handled large commercial and residential developments to small, standalone retail/industrial sites along with institutional facilities. Our client-focused, highly trained, and deeply experienced resident engineers, surveyors, and inspectors provide thorough, cost-effective solutions to ensure your projects align with your expectations and specific needs. And thanks to our proven track record of success, you can rest assured that we'll help deliver a final product that matches design documents within time and budget.

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