Due Diligence

We adhere to the most current development and design criteria, gather and review all information necessary to adequately advise clients of any and all project specific concerns. Items of work typically include, but not limited to the items listed below.

  • Subdivision and other required plats includes easement drawings and descriptions. Boundary and topographic survey.
  • Geotechnical reports.
  • Environmental site assessments includes Phase I, II, III, Asbestos, T&E Species, Archeological, Historical, etc.
  • Environmental remediation wetlands evaluation reports.
  • Preliminary site plan layout.
  • Zoning letter and regulatory verification.
  • Utility availability letters.
  • Site development checklist.
  • Development process/project schedule.
  • Prepare a timeline and schedule of events, which are critical to the development process.
  • Floodplain and wetland letters.
  • Preliminary opinion of probable cost.

Public Infrastructure

The design, construction, maintenance and improvement of the public infrastructure have a major impact on the quality of our daily lives. During Benchmark Design Group's History , the firm has successfully tackled projects addressing the design of water, wastewater, sewer, paving and drainage infrastructure.

Land Development Engineering

As our cities and states become more densely populated, the demand for improvements increases and land development becomes more complex. Benchmark Design Group's experienced engineers, technicians and support staff understand the regulations and procedures that must be followed to obtain timely plan approvals and construction permits for development projects.


Benchmark Design Group's hydraulics and hydrology experts conduct studies to analyze potential flooding problems and design facilities for the prevention and alleviation of flooding. Whether you require impact studies or drainage structure design, experienced staff will provide you with timely and cost-effective solutions. Water resources engineering services include:

  • Water resources planning and engineering.
  • Hydrologic and hydraulic studies.
  • Master drainage planning.
  • Flood insurance studies.
  • Map revision requests.
  • Watershed impact studies.
  • Flood control design.
  • Storm drainage design.
  • Detention/retention basin design.
  • Bridge scour studies.
  • Storm water pollution prevention plans (SW3P).
  • Erosion control systems.

Site Development Engineering

Benchmark Design Group offers clients complete civil site design services for a wide variety of projects including banks, churches, commercial, industrial, office, retail, recreational facilities, schools, shopping centers, retail developments, and subdivision platting.


Benchmark Design Group has completed design work for roadway rehabilitation widening and reconstruction projects for both public and private clients. We offer the engineering services to improve all types of surface transportation systems including local roads, city streets, and highways in both rural and urban settings.

Utility Coordination & Design

Benchmark Design Group has years of successful experience in utility coordination, relocation design and subsurface utility engineering. Utility adjustments have always been a demanding and time consuming process for both the public and agencies and the private utilities. Benchmark Design Group supports an outstanding client relationship with public and private utility providers. These relationships enhance our coordination efforts and typically reduce adjustment/relocation schedules.

Construction Management/Inspection

Benchmark Design Group's staff has years of successful experience in construction management from small drainage and sewer projects to complex street and bridge projects. We offer resident engineering and inspection services, providing either full time or part-time resident engineers and inspection staff depending on the client's needs and the type of project. Always client-focused, our highly trained and experienced resident engineers and inspectors provide thorough, cost-effective solutions to ensure that projects meet with our client's needs and expectations. Our proven track record assures our clients that we will bring projects to completion on time and within budget.

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