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Full Service Environmental and Civil Engineering with Offices in DFW and East Texas

Benchmark Design Group, LLC (Benchmark) offers a complete line of civil and environmental engineering services for residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Our in-house surveyors, engineers, and technical advisors provide their expertise to a wide range of consulting services for roadways and bridges, land developments, traffic signals, water/sewer systems, and landscaping for the East Texas and Dallas, TX area.

We are civil engineers, transportation engineers, urban and land planners, and environmental engineering specialists. We also provide a wide compliment of construction administration services to anticipate any problems before they occur and ensure that our clients receive their desired results. In other words, our service doesn’t stop until construction is complete. We promise to provide full service, from beginning to end.

At Benchmark, we recognize that land development in today's regulatory environment requires a high level of experience in order to navigate the complexities and sensitivities necessary to meet the criteria for success. That's why we exercise the utmost care in every aspect of our services, from landscape planning to environmental engineering.

As developers, your number one priority is return on investment. That's why we pride ourselves in designing unique projects that maximize the value of your property while reflecting our staff’s diversity and ingenuity. Since our name will forever be associated with the completed project, we would rather design something that is pleasing to the eye than a bland asphalt or concrete jungle. We are convinced this can be accomplished in a cost effective manner for the Tyler and Dallas area.

Whether you require consulting regarding commercial or institutional developments, master-planned real estate communities, industrial or agricultural facilities, Benchmark Design Group offers a full suite of services. From due diligence and feasibility analyses to site design and permitting services, we'll help you achieve the vision you have for your development.

We are a relationship-oriented firm. If you select us to be your consultant, you will become a team member and hopefully a friend. We pride ourselves on our long standing relationships.

We achieve goals by design.

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